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Since its very foundation, our main goal has been to promote our territory and culture focusing on an eno-gastronomic point of view.
Our deep knowledge of the territory and the professional backgrounds of every member of the company, made Corymbus one the first Tuscan incoming tour operators specialized in eno-gastronomy and special interest tours throughout Italy.
Our full offer and services are listed and described in our web site www.corymbus.it, a precious help for our partners and a confidential catalogue accessible by final clients.
A continuous quality control of the services provided and feedbacks on our clients’ satisfaction are the cornerstones of our work. Knowing our clients’ needs, their ideas of travel and their tastes is our most important starting point to create tailor made products able to satisfy even the pickiest travelers.
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Patrizia Malomo
Senior Incoming Tour Manager
I have always thought that the most charming feature of my Country, after its enchanting landscapes and its artistic heritage, is food.
I have always thought that traveling through the suggestions of taste is one of the deepest and most authentic ways of knowing people and their culture. This firm belief is the reason of my traveling and the sparkle that has been stoking the passion for my job for 20 years.
This is the philosophy that I have been handing down to my colleagues and to this company, to whose creation I actively contributed. Today I am the Technical Director and Senior Incoming Tour Manager of the agency.

During my free time I cultivate my passions and harbor my curiosity about cuisine, photography, cinema and music. For five years, I have been managing a food blog in which these passions coexist and grow stronger.
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Mattia Cipriano
Incoming tour manager
I am the new entry of the agency. While studying for my Bachelor in Linguistic Mediation I decided to immediately put into practice my studies, traveling as much as I could.
I lived in London and Nanjing and developed an idea of travel based on feelings and experiences.
Once back to Italy, I joined the team of Corymbus when I realized that they did not simply shared my ideas, but they had translated them into their own job.
As an Incoming Tour Managers, I worked really hard to the creation of this new website, selecting those experiences that I deem simply unique and trying to give them a personal touch.

In my free time I like traveling and going to concerts, joining these two things when it is possible!
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Luca Pelosi
Account manager
I am a founding member of Corymbus Tour Operator, born more than 20 years ago.
Over the years, I dealt with various touristic projects related to the promotion of our territory, often linked to the agribusiness sector which is definitely one of our great passions.
For 10 years, I ran an association of Italian municipalities for the development and promotion of fish-related business on a national level.

Now I work as Account Manager for the agency. In my free time I like painting, reading and listening to music.
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